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Worth a Look

for those who are interested in  “what is good for the R.E. consumer.” Behind the Curtain: Will Inman News survey expose need for RE reforms? While consumers may have more information at their fingertips than ever before about for-sale homes and real estate transactions, some consumers remain misinformed or in the dark about the intricacies […]

Broker’s Worst Nightmare

from the RE Insider The FBI and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) investigated a fraud scheme that defrauded lenders of more than $20,000,000.  As a result, ten people have been indicted. The indictment focused on David Marshal Crisp and Carlyle Lee Cole who owned and operated Crisp and Cole Real Estate. Along […]

The Latest in Real Estate News and Trends

You definitely need to know the news when you are a real estate investor. You will find that it is a huge help professionally. It will also help you spot good deals. I have definitely spotted a lot of real estate investing opportunities thanks to following real estate trends. Each time you read about real […]

Pending U.S. home sales rise in July

and the dark clouds begin to part . . . Pending U.S. home sales rise in July WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Boosted by low prices and a home-buyer tax credit, pending sales of existing homes rose in July for the six straight month, the longest streak on record, a real estate trade group reported Tuesday. The […]

Three Peaks


Dual Agency fleshed out..

When I was a kid, our family never talked about sex or money at the supper table….   How impolite!.. Today, agents are still that way, about money… A typical listing, in SF, on a $100,000 property, carries a 5% commission… the typical agent would rather pocket $5,000, as a dual agent, than take $2,500, and […]

San Francisco in Ruins

Re-photographing George Lawrence’s “San Francisco in Ruins” (Be Prepared for the upcoming Big One, even though SF ignores the “NonDuctile” concrete blds…like the Fontana East-West)

Real Estate Cafe

This guy is honest, creative, and way ahead of the curve…. He predicted the current economic and real estate collapse three years ago. To read him, is to “get inspired”. Real Estate Cafe

The pitfall that is “Dual Agency”

The pitfall that is “Dual Agency”….. The moral: understand the commission cash flow, in any given scenario. Why would you spend $100,000 to recover a $34,000 deposit? Principle, of course. The real estate industry is rife with conflicts, incompetence and fraud. And, if Stern can donate a little (OK, a lot) of his boundless energy […]

Contains No Arsenic

We recently published a free home buyers guide that was featured on Market Watch last week (below), and in the LA Times the week before. Note the dual agency horror story. Agent Provocateur You need to know who represents whom in realty deals By Lew Sichelman WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) Bruce Hahn President American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance […]