Why and How we do what we do . . .

I am Boston born. I moved to San Francisco, in 1969, (age 24), and have been a real estate broker, full time, since 1977.

I am married since 1974, and have two adult daughters, one a school teacher, and the other working on a Ph.D. at Harvard.

My wife, May, and I, spend a lot of time on community work, and civic endeavors, when not involved with soccer.

As to how I practice “realty”:

I believe in offering as many options as possible, and always saving the client money. With the advent of fabulous services like Zillow, and the internet, etc… a realtor’s work is partly done for him. This allows me to offer lower than usual fees:

  1. 2.5% when working for a seller, and the buyer has no agent of their own. (the usual fee is 5% to 6%!)
  2. 4.0% when working for the seller, and the buyer does have their own agent (the usual fee is 5% or 6%)
  3. $150/hour….where it is cheaper for you to go that route., and all commissions are credited to the client.
  4. when working for buyer, we work out various credits, usually 50% of the commission going to the buyer’s agent.

Dual Agency: occurs when the seller’s agent, acquires a “direct, unrepresented, buyer”. Most agents will work, then, also, as the buyer’s agent…

We think this should be illegal…

We give the “direct buyer” all the data they need, to arrive at their own opinion of what price to offer.  We will prepare the offer, and present it to our seller client. We will NOT concoct ways to help the buyer to get the seller to lower his price. We tell the seller and buyer that they are equally saving the 2.5% that would have been paid to a buyer’s agent, in this case.

We can cite books and magazine articles about these ideas, that feature ourselves. We welcome your phone call or email.

john barry





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