Use Feng Shui To Sell Your House

By Doherty • August 2nd, 2011

The saying, ‘first impression lasts’ is true when it comes to selling a home.  Generally, the front portion of the home is the first thing that the seller sees upon visitation so, make sure that the plants are trimmed and the fence are freshly painted before selling Reisterstown MD homes for sale. However, there are instances when the house looks just nice and clean but the feeling is not right, a little uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

Feng Shui is an Asian tradition rearranges furniture and position of some important features in the home to redistribute energy.  There are other methods to assist the sale of the house but for some, Feng Shui has helped them sell their homes quickly.

Whether or not you believe in the centuries-old ancient Asian custom of Feng Shui, there are some people who prove that Suffolk Virginia homes with high Feng Shui often sell well and improves the look of their homes as well as their ‘feel’.  What attracts buyers, according to this ancient custom, is the positive energy that the arrangement gives off and this is kind of arrangement can be used in marketing homes.

Modern practitioners of this ancient teaching balance the yin and the yang in a home.  For the positive energy, chi, to work it should be allowed to enter and flow around the house and then exits through the door uninterrupted.  However, if the flow of chi is disrupted, bad energy will flow.  And one major disruption that can result to bad energy is the ‘clutter’ around the house so what Feng Shui does is that it get rids of bad energies by decluttering the home through keeping all unnecessary items and furniture in the storage.

Aside from an uncluttered home, another factor that attracts positive energy is the light.  Dark hallways must be checked and kept will a small lamp especially during inspections.  A house even if it’s small can be more welcoming if it’s well-lit, open, and with light colored decors and mirrors.

Get rid of sharp edges like knives because they can create negative chi. One way to counter the negative energies in your home is having indoor plants like fresh flowers for they contain positive energy.  The warm smell of pine or cinnamon can give a fresh feel to the potential buyer.  And the sound of the water can put your buyers at ease while you are showing them around.

These are the basic principles of Feng Shui where the results are ultimately produces positve results to buyers.  You don’t have to be an expert in Feng Shui to know about home staging.  All it takes is the basic knowledge in home staging or Feng Shui because both principles promote clean and uncluttered Foreclosures in Mesa AZ to amplify the possibilities of a quicker sale in today’s tough real estate market.





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