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By Doherty • July 10th, 2011
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This are the great causes to buy a house right now that Arizona Homes For Sale  studied to help you invest in real estate,  Sellers are inspired because the interest are low, you can take a tax deduction or you may consideration for up to an $8,000.00 tax credit, a excellent time to buy a house . Buy now, save more and earn more.

Interest Rates Are Great  –  The national norm for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan is approximately 5.03%. This is excellent news if you are considering buying .  Consumers are pretty smart and if you read or intellect to the news, you will see that refinancing has increased dramatically . If the interest rates are leaving to drop advance, it will most likely be minimal.  One count that you can count on, they will let to rise and they go up much faster then they go down.  Buying a house right now is a perfect idea because the current interest rate is low.

Housings  Affordable rates   –  Everyone knows that housing prices are down in most regions .  The National Association of Realtors reported that housing prices dropped 12.4% in the final quarter of 2008.  The median price for a U.S. home sold during the fourth quarter of 2008 fell to $180,100.  NAR reported that sales were up in February, but median prices have dropped even further from 4th quarter. NAR\’s official report for the first quarter of 2009 will be released in May .

Good Seller  –  Realtors are working hard due to the low rates in real estate  .  In many instances, you can easily find a motivated seller by looking at the property description.   Look more motivated sellers, they can work harder than normal sellers  , make an offer, or must sell.  Other considerations include unvarying price reductions . If you like the property and the seller is motivated, then you should seriously consider making an offer.  If you don’t, chances are individual else will get their first and you will have missed your opportunity.   You don’t want that to happen. More tips in Real Estate News.

Perfect Timing  – You must have heard the expression buy low and sell high, right?  It might even be your mantra. As with any investing, it is ideal to buy when prices are low rather than at their peak.  However, if you are waiting to purchase a home because you debate prices will continue to drop, you might miss out of an ideal opportunity.  The time to buy low is right now .  Once everyone comes to the realization that prices may already be at their lowest point, then you can rest assured that buyers will jump in and start buying.  It might not be a mad rush anytime soon, but the best deals will be the first target.

Tax rewards –  Home owners will save more due to the government tax credit, . Local property taxes can also be used as deductions on your income taxes.  If you are paying rent, you do not qualify for these deductions.  The federal government is also offering some incentives in the input software.    If you are a first time buyer, grab the opportunity right now  t, this can help you save lots of money.  


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