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By Doherty • June 23rd, 2011
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Contemporary furniture is principally recognized by uncomplicated lines and dearth of decoration. Customary western furniture has always incorporated decorative designs which labeled it as being part of a distinct time in history. Contemporary furnishings, though, lacking these distinguishing markings, possess an incredibly eternal appearance and are generally extremely tough to fit in one period. You will discover a couple of sub-categories within the more general description of contemporary living room furniture which, when recognized, will supply the customer a basis for unifying the appearance of their residence.

One of these sub-categories is Urban furniture. Urban pieces are designed chiefly for city dwellers with little homes, so the pieces are frequently made for several applications and quite compact This fashion is moreover set apart from other types of contemporary furniture by its level of class and the all-pervasive incorporation of black in both wood and fabric. The selection of elements include metal, microfiber and all kinds of wood.

Another popular sub-category is Retro furniture. This generally consists of reproductions of common furniture from the 50s through the 70s. The design is frequently whimsical and the color palettes are fairly bright and usually will clash by present expectations. Materials generally include plastic or highly polished wood and colorful upholstery, and kitchen sets will use formica and chrome, evocative of 1950s-style diners. Decorative pieces will frequently be either moon landing or pop culture influenced, with a lot of representations of commercial brands or dead movie stars.

Casual contemporary is a type of contemporary dining room furniture which is not quite as classy as Urban furniture and less obviously dated than retro pieces. Casual is a laid back, updated style which has shed the sharp edges of pop-culture furniture and will commonly use natural colors. While this sort of furniture incorporates quite a few textures and material, the seating pieces are commonly overstuffed to emphasize comfort, yet will still offer visible wood or metal for additional character.

As with quite a few furnishings fashions, these sub-categories of Danish furniture feature a lot of pieces that would easily exist in two or even all three sub-categories. One of the rewards you’ll enjoy when furnishing your home with contemporary furniture is that you won’t be bound by a distinct selection of colors or components, and a bit of mixing and matching merely adds to the character of your home.

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