The Variety of Eco Friendly Furniture Options

By Doherty • June 6th, 2011
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As the idea of living green grows and more people are getting involved and trying to minimize their impact on the planet. As this trend continue to grows, eco friendly furniture is finding a place in homes throughout the country. This type of furniture is made of recycled wood or other organic and environmentally sustainable materials and practices. Used in this sense, sustainable sometimes refers to the use of materials that can be re-grown in their natural state in a relatively short amount of time, thus helping to keep them from becoming depleted by the needs of manufacturing. Furniture made from these materials, including bamboo, is now being designed and built for every room in the home.

Bamboo is an excellent example of an accepted sustainable building material. It grows quickly and has a density comparable to hardwood when processed. It finishes out beautifully and imparts a feeling of richness and permanence. Bamboo has already been used for a number of years as a viable, durable, and beautiful alternative to hardwood flooring. These days it is appearing with increasing frequency as the principal material in eco friendly furniture such as living room furniture, coffee tables, dining room chairs, sideboards, drawer chests and even wine racks. Bamboo furniture items come in a variety of finishes intended to complement many different decor styles.

Perhaps not as visible but infinitely practical, eco friendly furniture is appearing in closets and pantry organization systems as well. These same sorts of units are also being used as beautiful and functional open wall shelving systems. If the prospective buyer is dealing with the right retailer, these modular systems can be custom designed to fit a particular space. The shelve are often adjustable and can be locked into place, making the entire unit extra strong.

As time goes on, we will see more and more eco friendly furniture and household applications of eco friendly materials and practices. The Internet not only is a great place to shop for eco friendly furniture to fill current needs, but also a place you can go to research and plan for future redecorating projects. If you like, you can even opt in to receive an electronic newsletter from many retailers that will keep you informed of future developments in this green industry.

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