Hiring a Black Mold Removal Company

By Doherty • June 6th, 2011
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Black mold is considered a toxin. It occurs in moisture-rich parts of the house like the basement, closets and other rooms or cabinets with poor air circulation . So when your home has recently been flooded or has experienced water damage due to pipe leak or heavy rains, an assessment of mold buildup must be included in your restoration program.  As a matter of fact, humidity alone can cause mold presence.

Black mold removal is not an easy task but with proper knowledge and awareness on how to prevent or minimize its occurrence in your homes, any homeowner can take care of the problem without spending big bucks.  On the other hand, hiring a pro can prove to be beneficial in more ways.


For one, a black mold removal company can easily detect the problem. Make sure though that that company that you’re going to hire is licensed and qualified to do so. They will first assess water damage, leaks and moisture content of your home and recommend proper methods of removing black molds. They can also propose maintenance methods so you can prevent further damage to your property.

Signs of black mold presence in your home include respiratory symptoms such as allergies, difficulty in breathing and asthma attacks. You may also suffer from headaches, dizziness and short attention span.  Depending on the extent of black mold presence in your house, you may need to evacuate for the duration of the treatment.

After a black removal contractor has removed the buildup around the house, it is important to keep the moisture out in your homes. Water leaks must be repaired immediately. Remember that a black mold problem cannot be completely eradicated when moisture is a constant presence inside the house and relative humidity is high.

Keeping good air flow in your house and dark, rarely visited corners dry are effective anti-mold buildup measures. Installing an automatic pump in your cellar can detect water and immediately get rid of it before mold buildup occurs.

Fans and dehumidifiers are great help too. Remember that keeping your homes dry and fixing all water leaks can prevent the black mold problem from occurring again.


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