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By Doherty • May 29th, 2011
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Renters who have a dog or more than one pet might encounter additional problems when renting an apartment or a house. One of the major challenges the renters may perhaps encounter is obtaining an apartment that is acceptable to them and also willing to accept their pets. This can be complicated as many rental properties usually do not permit dogs at all. Those that do allow animals around the property may place specific restrictions on they size and breed of canine which may possibly reside on the property.

Acquiring an Appropriate Apartment

The first step in renting with dogs is to find an appropriate apartment. For those that wish to rent with dogs, the initial question to be asked should be regardless of whether or not dogs are authorized to live in just the property. This is significant due to the fact it can conserve the renter a fantastic offer of time. The renter may well otherwise invest a fantastic offer of time finding out more regarding the property and even undergoing a credit check only to come across out pet aren’t permitted.

For some dog owners, finding a rental scenario which permits dogs is not the end of the search. The renter need to also confirm the kind of puppy he owns is going to be granted to reside for the property. This may possibly contain both the dimension of the puppy too as the breed as some apartment complexes spot limitations within the size of the canine and also prohibit particular breeds. Again confirming these facts early within the search for an condo can be a tremendous time savings specially for people who own huge or frequently banned breeds.

Renters ought to also take into account the surrounding area when choosing a rental property. An ideal place could be one where there’s an sufficient location to walk and exercise the dogs. Locations with huge grassy regions may possibly be ideal while locations which do not possess a place to walk a dog might be problematic.

Read Contracts Cautiously

Renters who’ve dogs should read their contract cautiously before generating a choice to rent a particular property. This is crucial primarily because several landlords may possibly impose limits on renters who own dogs. These restrictions may possibly consist of, but are not limited to, requiring an further security deposit for the renter, requiring particular cleaning techniques on the carpets after the renter vacates the condo and holding the renter responsible if the canine engages in nuisance barking. Nuisance barking can be a problem in condo circumstances where the apartments are located close together and also share a popular wall. Renters ought to be aware that in some circumstances, nuisance barking can be a cause for eviction. For these factors, renters who own dogs should take the time to familiarize themselves while using rental contract.

Take Care of your Rental Property

As a final point, renters who’ve dogs may well have to take further efforts to preserve their condo. This may perhaps comprise more diligent cleaning, especially of the carpets. Renters with dogs have to respond rapidly to accidents within the home to minimize the possibility of permanent staining and odors. Each accident ought to be addressed instantly and each effort should be made to clean the impacted region completely.

Renters with dogs ought to also vacuum frequently in particular if their dog is really a heavy shedder. This will assist to maintain the living environment cleaner and will also minimize the quantity of cleaning needed when the renter vacates the property. Frequently vacuuming will avoid hair from being embedded into the carpet so deeply that it is tough to get rid of.

Lastly, renters with dogs really should take care to pick up after their dogs though on walks and to keep their dogs leashed even though in common areas. Quite a few cities have leash laws and laws concerning picking up immediately after dogs. Even if these laws are not in effect, renters should abide by these policies as a courtesy to their neighbors. Moreover, keeping dogs on leashes during walks aids to ensure their safety by preventing them from running into the street.

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