The Three Things To Look For Before Buying A Home

By Doherty • May 24th, 2011
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Buying a new home is a major and big step for it will involve you financially and emotionally. Financially, it will surely affect your cash flow and spending activity. Emotionally, a home is something that  will eventually mean a lot to your family. A house can be your most valuable asset and your biggest expense as well.

Home buying has such importance that making and getting it “right” will spell your life in the next several  years.  A lot people easily get carried away with the idea of buying a home that they either end up buying on  impulse or make themselves “like” the house based on what it is and not based on their own standards.

When buying a house, you need to set a standard and have a set of considerations as well.  You have probably  heard it before but location is the most important aspect to consider when you invest in real estate.  Here are 3  things about location that you need to consider in terms of prices and home value:

1. Proximity to Schools and Public Services – accessibility to schools where your kids can attend is an  important consideration in buying a home.  Homes located near good schools are ideal and costs a little more compared with ones located farther.  Proximity of a house to public services like hospitals is also significant  when it comes to its prices and future value.

2. Proximity to Public Transport – accessibility to public transport can save you a lot of time especially when you need to commute to work every day. A house located faraway from public transport may have its advantages but in  terms of value, it is probably not attractive to future buyers.  Location has a significant effect on the price and value of your home not only in the facet of public transport but also in respect to distance from major roads.

3. Proximity to Roads and Disturbances. The noise and disturbance should be considered when checking the location of a property to purchase. Indeed it is a house that is near public transport and services, but are you prepared to deal with the noise and disturbances? Noise and disturbances also affect the property value. So for future developments on the area, check the location before you decide to go ahead with the purchase. I am sure you wouldn’t wish to expose your family to dangers later on.

An ideal place to live with respect to location and its proximity to public services is probably a property in Scottsdale real estate.  Scottsdale homes are located in a community where everything you need is within the  area. Scottsdale real estate is a safe and secure area ideal for your family.  There is a variety of Scottsdale homes that you can check with trusted real estate agent listings.

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