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By Doherty • May 22nd, 2011
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Decorating with Color

Color is a tricky thing. Too much is TOO much. But too little can get boring. Ever been inside a house that was too monochromatic? That’s what this article is fighting against. Color is a good thing! It just can be used better in some ways that others.

First you need to pick a color pallet. After you have decided what colors you want to wok with, decide what colors you want to emphasize or bring out. For example, if there is a certain shade of blue in your curtains, pick that and choose various places to bring it out. One of my favorite ways to add color to rooms is in punches, or little bursts. For example, add some floating shelves and have items that provide bright punches of color on them. Not everything on the shelf, just the episodic red (or whatever color you pick) piece, for instance.

Another great idea is to cover old books in fun patterned wallpaper. This is a great way to bring in some patterns, as well, especially if you tend to be a plain person in your decorating. You can also set them out on the coffee table to add an extra emphasis.

One of my other favorites are pillows. Pillows have the power to totally transform a room. If you have a tan sofa, please don’t get tan pillows for it! Use the pillows to bring out another color in the room that you want to emphasize, or add a new one.

My last example is one of my personal favorites. I love those lantern globes. In the corner of a room, above a table…use these to add an factor of fun & color! Just remember that color is more powerful in punches than flooding a room!  These real estate companies do a great job consulting their clients College Station Homes and Round Rock Homes.


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