Moving? Make a Master Plan

By Doherty • May 4th, 2011
moving day

Moving isn’t something to take lightly…

– especially if you are moving an entire family!  It is a stressful (and most likely, exciting) time, and with all of the many details that go into making a move, it is likely that something will end up falling through the cracks.  It’s because of these things (and the back-breaking labor) that many of us think that moving sucks….but it doesn’t have to!

Having a plan (and sticking to it) can take away a lot of the headache.  Start with our tips below and feel free to share your own best moving plan tips in the comments section.

1. Be the Early Bird and Get the Worm:

Determine your move date and start planning as far in advance as possible.  It is almost certain that you have more stuff than you think and inevitably, it will take more time than you think.

2. Have a Command Center:

Designate a binder, folder or notebook to organize everything related to the move.  Jot down notes from the calls you make to movers, old/new utility companies, notes from your landlord/real estate agent/etc. Make sure there are also pockets to be able to store receipts/contracts/and other info you will accumulate throughout the process.  Staying organized will benefit everyone – and it will make it easier for someone else to find the information if you need help.

3. Beat the Clock:

It takes 3-4 hours to pack a typical room. So, the average three bedroom two bath house will take you about 30 to 40 hours of packing time. However, if you use BungoBoxes instead of cardboard it will take you about 30% to 50% less time to pack.

4. Size up the Competition:

Make a list of the rooms in the old house and the new house. Compare the two and determine what will go where. This is also useful for labeling and taking inventory of your boxes.

5. Make a List and Check it Twice:

Now that you have your room list, go room by room and take inventory of what you have and where is it going. This is a great opportunity to make a list of items for a moving sale. Also, take the time to shoot some digital pictures of your belongings, with the list and photos you now have a great asset record that can be used for insurance reasons.

Now, what do you do to help plan for your move?

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