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By Doherty • May 4th, 2011
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The question of how to repair your credit has always been around, and is one of the most controversial topics on and offline. A good many people are advocates of self help, but large number of credit companies who successfully serve consumers throughout the nation suggests that getting third party help is a viable option.

For the moment ignore all the noise about all credit repair companies being thieves. Let’s look at the facts. Self credit repair is entirely possible and in keeping with in the law. Any one can do it given a bit of study.

But it should also be pointed out that a great deal of effort and time is involved. Even given that it can be done, many people still choose to use a credit repair agency simply because it saves them time and effort.

If you want to know how to repair your credit, these five simple steps will show you how. Once you’ve looked this over, you’ll have the knowledge that will enable you to decide whether to use self-help or use an agency to do it for you.

All right let’s go.

Step 1
Get your credit reports. This is essential as often times on learning how to repair your credit, and will put you on the road the problem lies in mistakes on your credit report. Call 877-322-8228 or visit AnnualCreditReport dot com.

Step 2
Find a mistakes in your credit report and get to work on getting them deleted. Here’s what to look for – paid accounts showing as collections, accounts that aren’t even yours, closed accounts showing as open, and so on.

Step 3
Draft 3 dispute letters, one for each of the major credit bureaus. Do not dispute too many errors at once, otherwise the bureaus may ignore your letters altogether. You might wish to attach copies of whatever documentation you have. This could improve the effectiveness of your dispute.

Step 4
Have positive items added to your report that will help your credit score. Get the positive issues to be reported and entered. Have the on-time liquidation of loans and credit cards payments recorded. To improve your debt to credit limit ratio, getting a secured credit card can be a great help.

Take concrete steps to pay off your debts, especially those credit cards that charge astronomical interest rates. Prioritize your payments so you pay off those debts first, as it will save you paying high interest.

Step 5
However, a good and viable option is to find a trustworthy and experienced credit repair agency and take advantage of their expertise in how to repair your credit. Assuming the company is reputable, this will free you from a lot of time consuming bother; all you need to know as far as how to repair your credit, is how to find a reputable company.

A few tips are in order; even if you have paid off your credit card account do not close it; If you do seek professional help

look out for scams; do your homework and find out about the company. It would behoove you to inquire with the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance, the “watchdog of credit repair companies.”

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