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By Doherty • April 29th, 2011
52 Excelsior

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Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to design my dream house. After too many years of grueling work , I managed to successfully gain the funds required to take on such a huge operation. There’s a lot of factors to think about when trying to construct a house from scratch. Firstly , you must choose the perfect location, and then you must apply for planning permission. Provided it all goes swimmingly you’re then ready to pick a building company .

There are an abundance of building contractors to choose from , and due to the economic crisis most of them have been having a tough time of late . Property prices have dropped again, and with banks still reluctant to lend, many people have been forced to lease or rent , rather than selling or buying . This means that – if you’ve the funds – now is the ideal time to hire a building contractor.

All building contractors will offer a selection of house and land packages, and be able to give a step by step guide of the plans. You’ll also have the advantage of knowing the precise moving in date .

And don’t just get Edit this text bed with the first contractor you stumble across – do some research , ensure that they are spotless , so you’re protected!  It’s very dangerous to commit to any contracts until you’ve done this first. The best way to find the information you require is the internet . Review testimonials, check what certifications they have, and ensure you definitely read the small print. I am sure you already know most of what I am saying , and that you aren’t going to just rush in, but you wouldn’t believe the amount that actually do .

After I had finished my research , I made a choice to go with a contractors by the name of Lodge Southern. They came highly recommended, and as well as building homes they’re also a laboratory construction and hospital construction company. I’m glad to report that everything went smoothly , and I can now be found lounging around in my brand new dream home without a care in the world!

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