Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

By Doherty • April 25th, 2011

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Is your home overflowing has a lot of unused items and wish to increase your income ?  Turn them into real cash by holding a yard sale .

However, it requires a lot of work and could be a waste of time if you are not taking the right step .

To make your yard sale successful the first step that you need to do is to collect all things that you have not used for over a year.

Do not plan ahead too much, just have at least few weeks and organize the things you want to put on sale.  Have a place in your Draper Utah Homes and the right time to do it.Most people are off on weekends, so it is best to schedule your sale on a Saturday and be sure that the weather is nice .  If the weather is not in good condition, look for a way to keep the items sheltered and protected from rain.

On pricing your items, it is important to place the price tag clearly so your costumer would not have to ask about it . Price things at what you think is a good deal . By keeping the prices low, this will allow you to sell many more items .

To add to your yard sale traffic, place an ad on a local newspaper. If your place is near to some known business establishments, you can post it to make it easier for the costumers to find the way to your sale . Place large signs around your  Draper Utah Neighborhood Houses. Use attractive signage to make it look more inviting .

Lastly, have as many tables as you can, then space your items out well to make it easier when the costumers come in and do not just spread them on the ground . It would also be convenient if you keep similar items grouped together.


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