Opportunities and challenges to come in 2011

By Doherty • April 24th, 2011
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This will be another challenging year for the housing market, and many real estate agents and experts all over the country are optimistic that market will get better in the future through the actions they are taking. A strong market comeback will happen if real estate professionals will work together as one. They must educate themselves about selling and buying foreclosure properties, making business with investors and dealing with short sales.

Investing in real estate this year a good move? Is this the perfect time to purchase new West Haven UT homes for sale? Will the industry show a good performance this year? If you’re likely know what the real estate trends will be, investing in this business can be easy and gain a huge success on it. Here are the things that experts see to happen in this year real estate market :

The fall in prices will continue

The economic recession that hit the country had officially ended in the second half of 2009, helps stabilized home prices, but report published by Standard and Poor’s shows that we haven’t reached the bottom just yet. An expected 7 to 10 percent additional fall will be experienced for the rest of this year, according to the report. The expected large volume of foreclosures that will hit this year in the market will be the reason of drop in prices. If you plan to put your Centerville homes for sale in the market, competition in prices is the important step to sell in less time.

A rising foreclosure percentage

During fall, the number of foreclosed properties have decrease due to the delayed in processing cause by the “robo-signing scandal”. The scandal was centered to various banks and mortgage firm employees who allegedly violated the eviction process. One of the members of Federal Reserves board of Governors stated that 2011 will expect 2.25 million additional foreclosures and another 2 million in the next year. Millions of home owners were been evicted and will likely take a number of years to work through with that delinquent mortgages with the ongoing bank rates.

Slightly increase on Mortgage rates

It is not too late for home buyers as they can still enjoy the lower mortgage rates all throughout the year. According to Mortgage Banking Associates, the rates are expected to up a bit this year to a maximum of five percent. The Federal Reserve was also announced late last year that they will help boost the economic growth and keep interest rates low by buying $600 billion of Treasuries.

Plenty of opportunities waiting for investors

The large inventory of West Haven Utah foreclosures in the market is a good sign for investors with cash this year. Banks are usually wants to sell these properties in less time as possible than to wait and sell with the highest possible price. They prefer cash offers and if you want to stand out as the winner among cash investors, make sure that your offer is something irresistible and attracted as possible.


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