Budget-Friendly Coverage and a Home Insurance Estimate

By Doherty • April 17th, 2011

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A home insurance estimate can be educational to the new homeowner.  Obviously the homeowner needs to protect the home they live in, but quite a few are not aware they will need to look at insuring other permanent fixtures on the property;  things like garages, storage buildings , and fences. In case of unexpected damage, replacement and repair costs on those items can be incredibly expensive. Comprehensive coverage can also safeguard the items inside the dwelling. When a fire or water damage happens, the homeowner looses clothing, jewelry and other personal items in addition to items like furniture, electronic equipment and appliances. Peace of mind comes with realizing those items are insured and able to be replaced. Liability coverage protects against injury or harm that happens on the property, and should be integrated in the home insurance estimate.

Of course price is always a thing to consider, but the insurer can offer strategies to help your budget. Generally a bigger deductible helps to lower the total cost of the insurance. There are many variables, so your home insurance estimate will factor in age and basic condition of the house, and consider the square footage, construction material, location and other particulars to determine the risk and estimate the rate. The homeowner will provide personal data about their job, credit and criminal history, age, marital status, and may be asked about any past claims made against homeowners insurance. The degree of insurance you request will decide the amount of coverage offered on the home insurance estimate.

Coverage for disasters including floods and earthquakes are obtained separately and are an important element to think about if your house is situated in an area with a history of these events.  Affordable home insurance is a must for all homeowners, and the home insurance estimate is a great way to compare rates and coverage from different providers and decide on a program that is ideal for your needs .

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