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By Doherty • April 15th, 2011
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Upkeep on the rental property can be a confusing issue. Renters may possibly mistakenly assume all maintenance may be the responsibility of the leasing representative and upkeep employees but this really is normally not true. In a lot of situations the leasing representative and repair employees are liable for sustaining the typical areas and performing main repairs for the apartments but the renters do generally have some duties. These obligations are often defined in the rental agreement plus the renter ought to familiarize himself with this document to verify his rights if a dispute arises.

Renter Duties

Ordinarily renters have the obligation of sustaining their apartment and the surrounding location. This might comprise the interior of the condo too as deck or patio space. Nonetheless, maintenance of these areas applies to usually cleanliness only and not issues such as painting or repairs to the exterior or even the interior of the condo structure or the appliances inside the condo.

Moreover, renters are liable for tiny repairs in their home. This might include things like plunging a clogged toilet or altering a light bulb. Conversely, if you will find any duties a renter feels unpleasant performing such as changing a light bulb inside a high place, the renter ought to get in touch with the preservation clinic personnel for support.

Renters also have a responsibility to present typical courtesy to other renters by not intentionally damaging or otherwise marring public locations. This includes vandalism, littering and even failure to pick up after dogs. Renters who fail to stick to these rules of frequent courtesy may be topic to fines or other penalties according to the rental contract.

Leasing Agent Duties

The leasing chosen representative and servicing employees are normally held accountable for major items such as repairs to the exterior of the creating, fixing appliances that are malfunctioning and dealing with plumbing problems such as leaky pipes. Also, the maintenance clinic personnel is responsible for intervening when the renter is having problems with public utilities. Issue such as no hot water or heat to the apartment ought to be addressed by the repair employees in conjunction using the public utilities entity.

The leasing chosen agent and maintenance clinic employees is also liable for maintaining the common locations. This might contain maintaining grassy areas manicured along with other typical locations looking clean and attractive.

When the Leasing Chosen Representative is not Taking responsibility

As previously discussed, the leasing chosen agent has particular obligations to perform tasks and address concerns and complaints by the renters. Nevertheless, when the leasing agent is just not fulfilling these responsibilities it could generate a harmful living environment for the renter. For instance hot drinking water is required to adequately clean dishes. This really is why there will need to usually be hot h2o to the apartment. Moreover, in severely cold weather the inability to heat the condo due to faulty utilities or windows which aren’t properly sealed can create a hazardous situation for the renter.

Both of the examples mentioned above are situations in which the renter may perhaps set inside a hazardous condition by the leasing agent’s negligence. In these situations the renter have to have to have to get in touch with the Department of Housing to determine the proper cause of action to take in this circumstances.

In some cases the renter might be informed the alleged transgression by the leasing representative is not actually his obligation. Alternatively, in other circumstances the renter may well be informed that the actions of the leasing agent are a severe violation of the rental agreement. In either case, the representative can provide details on how to proceed to achieve the desired outcomes.

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