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By Doherty • April 4th, 2011
Free Hugs in Sydney, August 2004

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Each and every individual has the power to generate a variation. It will take only a solitary change. A change in attitude, lifestyle, habit, anything. There’s no knowing how much impact it could have on the planet. Mahatma Gandhi stated, “Be the change you want to see in the world” simply because at the end of the day, there’s truly no transforming others if you, yourself, can’t change. Taking responsibility in our acts will be just the inspiration others need. It is a route to self-discovery and becoming a leader by example.

This potential is unparalleled. So if you would like to see hope in the world, begin by becoming hopeful. For love, begin by loving other folks more. Performing these things are simply illustrations of techniques to pay it forward and start off the change around you so that ultimately others around them will generate the change, and so on and so forth.

And the very best thing you can get in return is the satisfaction of realizing you’ve made a big difference in the world. That you have left your fingerprint on mankind somehow. That other folks are paying it forward from something that started with you. That your act of kindness brought a difference that people will imitate and adopt for all their life.

Even random acts of kindness towards other individuals go a long way. The greatest part is, it can be carried out without a fee. There is no expense to giving a free hug or a free smile to cheer someone up. Being selfless like that would show that you want the whole world to be that way; that it is an example others should follow.

The rippling effect that one minor change has in your life can be tremendous. Just think about how many enormous waves you’ll produce by making a bigger movement. From a simple grin to a donation of time, effort, or money to a selected cause, there are a lot of opportunities that are open to assist other folks and assist them change as well. It all begins like this: be the change!

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