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By Doherty • March 28th, 2011
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I wouldn’t call myself an over protective parent, but I do have two teenage daughters and well, sometime I worry about the neighborhood we live in. We have lived in the neighborhood for a good 15 years now. It was our first home, when my wife and I got married, and while I wouldn’t say its a bad place to raise a family, the surrounding areas has grown up a bit around us.

There are a few of the younger guys, around my daughters age that are at that rambunctious rebellious age where they like trying to do pranks, and just walk around at night. That’s never a good feeling as a dad, ya know? Since I haven’t actually had any break ins or real issues to where I needed to call the cops, I didn’t want to spend all the money on a security system I really didn’t need. So I got to brainstorming about how I can deter any kids from trying to sneak around onto my property, to play any pranks or to try and get my daughters attention.

I went online to look around for some different ideas. A couple ideas were to put up warning signs, or to put up a traffic sign on a tree in my yard as well as window decals of a false security company to avoid any company infringements. By putting up security signs that say things such as “Surveillance Cameras” and stuff. I’m pretty confident that this will deter anyone who might have had thoughts, or even for the ones who have been on my premises before that maybe they shouldn’t risk coming around again. So if you find yourself in a similar situation this may be an option for you. I ordered my signs and awaiting their arrival I just wanted to get on here and share this idea with anyone else who might have this issue.

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