Why You May Not Want To Sign A Property Disclosure Statement

By Doherty • March 20th, 2011
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Property disclosure statements (PDS) are creates to search for information regarding the invisible or latent factors of a property up for sale so that the terms of the contract can be established with full disclosure of the property’s pros and cons. This short document encourages the vendor to examine such elements as water rights, zoning, underground storage tanks, plumbing, roofing, wiring and structural damage, and a few banks refuse to look at issuing a mortgage unless the seller has filled-out a property disclosure statement. The PDS form may be beneficial to both the seller and the purchaser if they are both aware that even despite it not being, it could definitely play a role any later lawsuits stemming from future problems and should be as accurate as it can be.

Because filling-out a PDS is strictly voluntary, most agents acting for sellers may advise their clients to not sign it because the legal consequences – although it alleges not to be legally-binding – can be enormous if the vendor’s answers misrepresent any elements that later produce problems. Realtors are worried that home owners may be unable to to accurately answer questions and could inadvertently misreport elements such as such as HVAC and water problems.

On the flip side, as soon as the buyer has accepted the conditions of a PDS, the property owner is protected to a degree if they have completely communicated any issues which might lead to problems in at a later date. Since it is not thought of as a guarantee, it is still the buyers responsibility to hire professional evaluators to investigate the house for unseen defects that can be referenced when discussing the final draft of the agreement.If you are thinking about purchasing a houses for sale in Milton you were once able to visit a site that posted marijuana grow operations but that is now longer the case therefore if there isn’t a property disclosure statement you will have to get in touch with the area’s privacy officer.

Many Realtors representing buyers encourage their clients to demand a PDS since it helps ensure the bank’s cooperation and protects against fraud. Including the PDS into an agreement could help protect the buyer if they were presented with misleading details. Legal cases have been in favor of the purchaser if the PDS presented to the court showed proof of mis-information, and many times the vendor had to refund the new homeowner for damages that occurred after the agreement was completed, and in some instances years after the home was sold. Whether you are dealing with Windsor real estate or a larger metropolitan area these types or legal circumstances can occur.

Not all PDS documents are equal but they are related to the type of property, whether it be a single-family dwelling, a rural property, or a condominium with tenants. Questions also comprise of data about the background of the property like water damage and if it has ever been utilized as a rental or if a drug lab or grow house has ever run on the property. These types of illegal enterprises are not just the realm of major cities are presently affecting Barrie real estate for sale in both the residential and commercial markets.

If the owner is strictly an offsite-landlord and is not able to attest to daily living conditions, the PDS is not required. This limitation is also instituted for estate sales and cases where the seller is acting as a power of attorney and is unable personally attest to the property’s condition. To avoid committing to a PDS, a lot of vendors will use this loophole.


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