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By Doherty • March 3rd, 2011
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Millions of sellers are frustrated that they cannot sell their homes especially in today’s market. They are frustrated with their real estate agents, and frustrated with the amount of money they will actually get. In theory, selling a home is actually pretty easy, as long as you can price it right, market it properly, have it show well, and be patient.

  1. Price – Price is the most important factor when it comes to selling real estate. If a home is high-priced, nothing else matters. In a distressed housing market, homes that are priced lower compared to other homes in the market actually sell. With so many foreclosures and short sales on the market, sellers need to consider these properties as competition when pricing their homes.
  2. Marketing – The more potential buyers that see your home, and know that it exists, the better the chance you have of selling it, and for top dollar. Thee best way to advertise and market real estate int today’s world is through the internet. For a house to sell, it must be on top real estate websites.. It also needs to have quality, and multiple pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Potential buyers, and real estate agents must be the the spectators of the homes advertised.
  3. Showings – If your home is priced right, and properly marketed it will get showings. Today is the right time to turn these showings into offers. Homes that look at their finest are homes that sell. These homes are actually flawlessly clean, sparkling, smelling fresh and draws potential buyers to their strong points. Personal items, clutter, or odors, can distract potential buyers which can reduce the chance. Sale-able homes must have an inviting atmosphere where buyers can say it was really meant for them.
  4. Time – You only need one buyer in selling a home. The hard thing is that in small markets this often takes time to find those buyers. There are more buyers during spring and summer than during the winter months. More often than not, it just takes time for the right buyer to start house hunting. If Preston Idaho Homes for sale are priced right, properly marketed, and shows well it will eventually sell.

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