Tips to Ensure Your Home Wont Sell

By Doherty • February 27th, 2011
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There are thousands of articles written furnishing tips of how to sell a house. But what if you want to list your home, just for fun, but don’t want it to sell, then what? It seems like some “sellers” don’t really want their homes to sell, here are some of the steps they use .

  1. Don’t make it easy to have your home shown— If nobody ever walks through your home, then your chances of it not selling are pretty good. The best way to do this is to not hire a Realtor, but instead have your home for sale by owner. And, never answer your phone when potential buyers call to arrange showings. If you don’t answer the phone, they can’t see your home, and if they can’t see it, they won’t buy it.
  2. Overprice Your Home – Most people look on the internet for homes for sale before they ever try to make a showing appointment. Make sure your home is more expensive than other homes buyers will consider.
  3. No Online Pictures – A picture is worth a thousand words. Buyers want online details to narrow down the houses they will actually visit with their real estate agent. If your house doesn’t have any online pictures, potential buyers won’t even realize that its actually listed at all.
  4. Make Sure Your Home Has Foul Odors – Nothing will detract a potential buyer from considering Homes more than a foul smell. The smell of cats and stale tobacco are about the most effective odor creators out there. When odors are really bad, buyers and their real estate agents may leave in three seconds or less.
  5. Keep Your Home Cluttered and Messy – If your home has a smashing floor plan, you can totally detract from this by having stuff, especially garbage, everywhere. Having lots of stuff will distract buyers from noticing your homes positive features. Potential buyers will be so distracted by all of your stuff, they will completely ignore the positive features. Their brain power will be occupied pondering how anyone could sleep on a bed with so much junk on it.
  6. Break Things – Buyers don’t usually like to fix things that are already broken. When buyers can see obvious neglect on household repairs, they can be most confident that there are also many underlying defects that aren’t visible, that they probably don’t want to deal with. Having lots of broken objects will seriously detract potential buyers. Consider cracked or broken windows, constant running toilets, holes in walls, stains on carpet, and doors and windows that don’t open.
  7. Have Bad Curb Appeal — Creating a bad first impression can make a huge difference in ensuring that your home won’t sell. The simplest way to create a bad first impression is with negative curb appeal. Don’t mow your lawn, or even better allow it to die. Let weeds overtake all planters and garden areas, and don’t have any flowers. insure that your exterior paint, doors, trim and general exterior look beat up and warn out. The stigma of loose paint chips on homes built before 1978 can transform opinions almost miraculously.To really help set that bad first impression, jam the front door so it is really hard to get open.

If you pay attention to these valuable non selling tips, you can be certain that you will never sell your Brigham City Real Estate .

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