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By Doherty • February 15th, 2011
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Now that real estate agents have access to the MLS listings on-line, many are wondering if the tradition of holding an open house is still in fact useful. But is it still a worthwhile idea to focus the time and energy to host an open house.? Consider that as much as 48 percent of the home buyers utilize the phrase open house in their search engine queries.. Analysis illustrates that this proven practice remains an effective strategy, so it just makes sense to make the most of the option.

Of course, simply placing an Open House notice in the front is not going to get you the results you are looking for, so begin preparing your strategy a few weeks before by posting on the internet and printing fliers. understanding which factors are most critical to potential buyers will create a different open house plan for a Brampton real estate agent compared to other agents in other places. Evaluate the area and determine the most advantageous places to set up directional signs to bring in traffic from the main roads and side streets.. The week of the open house, boost up the interest by distributing handouts to the neighboring houses in the area.. Make certain there is an announcement on the main page of your site and place ads in the local publication.. Find quick and easy ways to incorporate open house notices in all your media channels to direct the public to your listing..

Now that open house day has arrived, it is important to make the most of this day.. Greet the buyers at the doorstep and be friendly and informative. Be careful to avoid pre-judging anyone who attends your open house, since their appearance or race is no indication of their ability to purchase. Most real estate markets such as the Burlington Ontario real estate market will be made up of varying kinds of people from mixed cultures and income levels so every potential buyer has to be taken into account. Some home shoppers may not be looking for a property but hoping to discover a professional agent to sell their property. Rather than barraging them with typical sales questions pay careful attention to what they have to say and counter with specific questions that show you are listening to their needs.

You have most likely learned in real estate courses that a listing has to stick in the mind of prospective purchasers in order to have the highest possibility of selling. To make sure your customers think of you and your listing — as they may visit many in one day — take no chance and give them small handouts about the home and include something just from you.. If you are able to prepare a complete handout to the neighborhood that also provides useful tips on shopping for a home you have a much greater chance of having them come back for a second look. One more useful method is to attach information that show the available properties of other surrounding properties in the same price range — even if they are not being listed by your agency — to give them a chance to compare the properties. You can even include maps of the area and, certainly, online links to photos and descriptions on your website.. Keep in mind that the energy you make doing an open house can take a while to materialize, so although you may not experience any returns rapidly, the process may yet take effect down the road.

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