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By Doherty • February 11th, 2011
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You definitely need to know the news when you are a real estate investor. You will find that it is a huge help professionally. It will also help you spot good deals. I have definitely spotted a lot of real estate investing opportunities thanks to following real estate trends.

Each time you read about real estate then make sure that you are looking for trends. These trends will likely help you determine whether to buy or sell. You will find that they help you identify good creative financing options. You could even decide if you should get involved in a new venture using this information.

Be sure to read all types of news in real estate. Do not restrict yourself to the areas in which you currently have an interest. Check out all different types of investing. You can find out that there is a lucrative alternative that you have overlooked.

You might sometimes find that you do not have enough time for real estate investing research. You can use my notes on those days. Each day I will make them public. Be sure to review them each day if you want.

Today’s real estate investing notes can be found below:

* Bulk reo investing certainly is taking off. – If you want to buy lots of houses at once then you will love this. People are loving the bulk buys that they can achieve. More lenders are getting used to the idea. They are very eager to be rid of their REO property problems.

* Real estate investing experts have a new problem. – “Boiler room” law firms are billing themselves out as the answer to loan modification problems. They charge fees that are very high and then disappear with your money. They may never even attempt to resolve your loan issue.

* Use this method to hedge your bets when you are tax lien investing. – You can use this method to spot opportunities in tax lien investing. These details are a good sign that the deals in question meet your needs.

Check back tomorrow to see the latest news!

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