What to do about a Flooded Basement

By Doherty • February 8th, 2011
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American homeowners have come up with many creative ways to use their basement. For some, the basement is a recreation area , with entertainment systems, pool tables, and couches where they can relax. For others, it is a workplace where they can work on their hobbies, such as crafting or working with computers. For a large majority of homeowners, however, the basement is used for storage . Basements can typically store boxes of personal belongings, a washer and dryer , old appliances and even heating and electrical systems .

This is why flood is quite often a common problem for homeowners. Water naturally flows to lower levels of land , such as the basement. A wet basement can be a very dangerous event because of the various electrical and heating systems in it. Flooded basement cleanup has to be done with extreme caution, whether for homeowners or professional restoration companies. When working with a restoration company you must inform them of what controls and items are in your basement.

The presence of circuit boxes in the basement, for example, can cause explosions, electrocution and even fire during a flood. It is imperative that the electrical supply to your house be shut down right away before any kind of flood cleanup takes place. You can do this by turning off the central switches of your house, or calling the electric company to turn it off remotely.

Furnaces and heating vents, when wet, can also cause fire. When entering a flooded basement for the first time , try to get a sense of the temperature and humidity of the air. Never enter when it is unusually hot or has a strange, smoky odor.

Some homeowners keep dangerous chemicals in their basements and not even know it. This can be detergents, old perfumes, pesticides and old paints that you may have kept there for a very long time . To help your flooded basement cleanup company , come up with a detailed list of items located in the basement. This can help them prepare the resources needed to complete the cleanup. Possible interaction with dangerous chemicals might need special clothing such as gas masks and gloves.

Cleaning up a basement doesn’t have to be dangerous as long as you take the necessary precautions and be wary when in doubt.

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To clean a flooded basement, you’ll need to determine where the water is coming from and either plug it or shut it off, or do whatever it takes to stop it. Cleaning up will do little good if more comes in to replace it.

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Research shows that almost 100% of all basements will suffer some form of Basement Flooding
at some point in their existence. “Almost 100%” translates into “it’s
certain”. It makes sense, too, because basements are the single lowest
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downhill. Put the two together and you have an unwelcome Basement Flooding .


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