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By Doherty • February 6th, 2011
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Currently there is an increasing need for home movers to sell their properties fast. Most people are unfortunately selling houses like we did in the 80s, instructing one or several estate agents to come and give a valuation, then picking the one who says they can get the best price, knowing your time sensitivity.

Estate agents are well know for manipulating their valuation figure in order to win your instruction. They pay scant regard to your time sensitivity and as such your property has little chance of being brought to market at a price that will realistically allow you to sell withing the time-frame you require.

Thankfully there are more effective options available to you. It is easy to sell your house quickly but it does take a little intelligent research and work. Here is a step by step sell house fast guide:

1: Presenting Your Property:

The first thing you want to do in order to get the best price for your home is to give it a right good seeing to. The 1st step is to make sure every room in the house has a defined use; bedrooms should be bedrooms (not home offices) etc. Next get to work giving everything a deep clean and take care of all those little DIY jobs that you’ve been putting off. Finally stand back and try to take an objective look at your property through the eyes of a buyer. Try to imagine what may be off-putting to a 1st time visitor (usually it’s the things that most define your personality that will be the problem) and then swallow your pride and banish it from your house.

After all this hard work internally you will need to take a critical look at the exterior of the property and the garden as well. All this work will prove to be worth it when you sell for more than your asking price, because you created a good first impression on viewings, and followed through doing great on the points covered below.

2: The Asking Price:

The Land Registry now has all its indexes online. So you can check regional data, cross-reference it by property type and run historical comparisons. This all helps you gauge how much similar homes in the area are selling for, you can then decide your initial asking price based on this. Of course you should also invite at least 3 estate agent to come and give you their opinion as well. After all they are the guys in the trenches and will know about additional sale before they reach the Land Registry. You can even have them market the property alongside you, just be sure to have a clause in their contract that they receive no commission if you sell the property yourself.

3: Marketing:

There are now over 200 private house sale websites in the UK to choose from. Two that are known to bring results are Tepilo (free) and The Little House Company (£100approx). There has also been a recent BBC program on selling property privately that suggested a few “left field” marketing ideas such as arranging “open days” and having a presence at public events such as local fetes.

4: Conducting Viewings:

Viewings are very important; this is your chance to tell people who are interested to buy how wonderful your home is. The one rule to follow here is to be honest. Anything less than that will undoubtedly come back to haunt you. Conducting viewings when you are not used to it can be nerve-racking, so attempting to lie will most likely add an additional and noticeable tremble to your voice.

Before you think, oh my god I can’t do that, this is actually one of the strong points of private sales, because no agent will ever know as much about, or love your home in the way that you do, and if you can portray that to potential buyers then you will almost certainly get a better price than said agents.

5: Negotiations:

This is the part where you can step out of the equation if you want, and invite your solicitor to conduct negotiations on your behalf. Here, your connection with the prospective buyers struck up during the viewings could work in your favour or against you. If you think you would find it difficult to firmly represent your position then get the solicitor to do it for you.

6. Stop Repossession of House:

If I was facing repossession then really my only realistic option would be to sell my home for cash within a 28 day time-frame. The only way to do this is by using a specialist cash house buying company. These companies can be found advertising on Google and in local property papers.


And that is it; you have successfully sold your own home. If you have done everything above to the absolute best of your ability, the chances are you will have gotten a price in and around your asking price, maybe even a little more. Last thing for you to do is open the champagne and toast the fact that you’ve just saved yourself £1,000’s in estate agency fees. Congratulations!

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