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Map Based Search Engine

What’s on this street? What businesses do business nearby? Put in your own address, you might be surprised. Metrobot is helpful tool in understanding the local business community.

Three Peaks


Researching Historic Buildings

Research Resources Useful for Researching Historic Buildings One can research the ownership history of the building lot without regard to the building upon it. This generally involves a title search of the property going back in time to shortly before the building was built. Assessor’s Parcel Maps | Title Search Materials | Historic Real Estate […]

Dual Agency fleshed out..

When I was a kid, our family never talked about sex or money at the supper table….   How impolite!.. Today, agents are still that way, about money… A typical listing, in SF, on a $100,000 property, carries a 5% commission… the typical agent would rather pocket $5,000, as a dual agent, than take $2,500, and […]

San Francisco in Ruins

Re-photographing George Lawrence’s “San Francisco in Ruins” (Be Prepared for the upcoming Big One, even though SF ignores the “NonDuctile” concrete blds…like the Fontana East-West)

Cutting the Commission

Pass the word: Your broker’s fee really is negotiable By JAMES R. HAGERTY Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL After selling a home, real-estate agents often give clients a gift, such as a scented candle or decorative plate. Jeffrey D. Thomas received something more memorable: a check for more than $10,000. Cutting the Commission

Real Estate Cafe

This guy is honest, creative, and way ahead of the curve…. He predicted the current economic and real estate collapse three years ago. To read him, is to “get inspired”. Real Estate Cafe

The pitfall that is “Dual Agency”

The pitfall that is “Dual Agency”….. The moral: understand the commission cash flow, in any given scenario. Why would you spend $100,000 to recover a $34,000 deposit? Principle, of course. The real estate industry is rife with conflicts, incompetence and fraud. And, if Stern can donate a little (OK, a lot) of his boundless energy […]

Contains No Arsenic

We recently published a free home buyers guide that was featured on Market Watch last week (below), and in the LA Times the week before. Note the dual agency horror story. Agent Provocateur You need to know who represents whom in realty deals By Lew Sichelman WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) Bruce Hahn President American Homeowners Grassroots Alliance […]

SOLD – 261 Glenwood Ave Daly City 94015-3037

SOLD – $595,000 Gorgeous Westlake, Olympic Two, mid-century classic. New bath and kitchen. new floor and paint ready to move in and enjoy. Westlake’s best locale – Two blocks to Trader Joe’s and the Westlake Shopping Center. OPEN 2-4, starting 8/8/09 and 8/9/09, and the following two weekends, same time. John E Barry Office: 415-564-0225 […]